Log in to your Office365 Account:

Go to the upper right to the profile-photo, and left-click for a menu - Choose "My account".  

Under "Security & privacy" click on the "Manage Security & privacy" button - Then "Change Password".  

Passphrase Policy Requirements: 

• Minimum passphrase length must be 10 characters.
• Passphrase is required to change every 120 days (reminder 10 days before expiration). 
• 10 incorrect login attempts results in your account being locked for 10 minutes.
• Passphrase requires a mix of THREE of these four types of characters:  Upper/lower/numeric/symbol
• Cannot use username or any part of full-name in the passphrase.

Examples for creating a secure passphrase:

1. Avoid single dictionary words (i.e.  Giraffe123) – Instead use:  G1raff3!!!
2. Don’t use personal information (don’t re-use your SSN/BD-Default in some other way).  
3. Avoid common sequences (i.e. 12345abcde) – Instead use:  1199!!33AA
4. Use special characters as letters:  Gr@peV!nes
5. Longer passphrases are better – Working!!! compared to W0rk1ng@#$
6. Use different passphrases for different accounts/applications.  
7. If you write your passphrase down, keep in a secure place, not on a note!
8. Don’t bunch CAPS and Characters together:  Hello12345 – Instead use:  h3LL0h3LL0
9. Don’t email your passphrase, and remember IIT will NEVER ask for your passphrase! Examples: