School of Nursing
Professional Nursing Sequence Application for Admission to
the BSN Program

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Applicants are to complete and submit this application in a professional manner.
By submitting this application, you are acknowledging the following statements and requirements.
I understand that the following items are required to be uploaded (as directed in acceptance letter) during the first semester of sophomore level nursing courses. Failure to do so will "delay my progression" in the Professional Nursing Sequence at Viterbo University.
  • Current CPR for Professionals/Healthcare Providers card from American Heart Association – BLS for (Healthcare) Providers
  • Current Documentation of CNA certification (ANY State CNA Certification is accepted)
  • Completed nursing physical form and immunization records (including COVID-19 vaccination).  (This form is available online and will be included with acceptance letters.)
  • Nursing Math Test must be successfully completed through the Academic Resource Center.

I understand that I must satisfy the prerequisites for beginning the nursing sequence (as stated in the University catalog) by the end of the application semester in order to be considered for admission.

I understand I will receive written notification from the School of Nursing Admission Committee of my acceptance or non-acceptance into the professional nursing sequence.

Professional Nursing Program Requirements
See the Professional Nursing Sequence Overview Page for information regarding application requirement located HERE.

To begin nursing designated courses in the sophomore level of the program, students must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 and show successful completion of the courses noted below or their equivalents. For transfer applicants, this is calculated by Transfer and Adult Admissions. For Viterbo applicants, this is the student’s Viterbo GPA.

Directions for application to the professional nursing sequence for direct admit students:
If you were admitted to Viterbo University as a first-year direct admit student for the nursing program, and you are currently fulfilling all requirements to maintain this status, do the following: Complete the online application form for the professional nursing sequence provided below. Do not upload any documents. A recommendation form is not required. If you are unsure if you will meet direct admission requirements, complete all components of this application.
Directions for holistic application to the professional nursing sequence for traditional/transfer students:
If you are applying to the professional nursing sequence as a holistic student (non-direct admit student/transfer student), complete all the components for the application process given below. Note that a full set of instructions for completing the holistic application process can be found HERE
Prior to beginning the application process, it is recommended that you read the entire application below and visit the holistic admission webpage noted above. As you will need to provide an essay question response and a completed resumé, you are advised to have those documents prepared prior to starting the online application form. Once you are ready to begin the application process, do the following:
1. Complete the online application for the professional nursing sequence provided below.
2. Upload answers to the essay question via the upload prompts for each question provided below.
3. Upload your resumé via the upload prompt provided below.
Spring Cohort - Application Deadline is November 1.
Fall Cohort - Application Deadline is April 1.
Please use Chrome if you are using a Mac computer to fill out the PNS application. If for some reason you have issues with submitting your application, you can fill out the application and email the attachments to .
I am applying for admission to the professional nursing sequence of the baccalaureate nursing program for the following term:
Student Status:
  First Name    Middle Initial
  Last Name  Other names under which your academic records may be listed:
  Viterbo student ID number (7 digits following 99 on your ID card or found on VitNet documents):
  Local Address while at Viterbo (Street/City/State/Zip)  
  Mailing Address (for notification)
  Home Phone      Cell Phone 
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  Date of Birth     Viterbo Email           
Instructions for Completing Grades Below
If you are currently retaking a course please select "Completing in a different term or retaking." for the grade. DO NOT list previous grade received.
Here are the Grade Equivalents for Advanced Placement:
AP Score 5 = Grade of A
AP Score 4 = Grade of B
AP Score 3 = Grade of C

Here are the Grade Equivalents for CLEP Exam scores:
Score 70-80 = Grade of A
Score 60-69 = Grade of B
Score 50-59 = Grade of C

Transfer Grade Equivalents:
A- or B+ = AB
B- or C+ = BC
C- or D+ = CD
Composition Course Requirements
 Required: ENGL103, ENGL105 or ENGL195  
 Grade:   Number of Credits: 
Biology Course Requirements
 Grade for BIO 104: Anatomy & Physiology I  
 Grade for BIO 114: Anatomy & Physiology II 
Chemistry Course Requirements
 Required: CHEM106 or CHEM120&121 
 Grade: (for CHEM 120 & CHEM 121 average the grades received)
 Number of Credits: 
Psychology Course Requirements
 Grade for PSYC 171: General Psychology  
I am attaching an essay and a resume to this application as I am a holistic applicant:  
Essay Question Requirements:
Upload your essay response in this section of the application. Complete instructions for the writing of the essay can be found HERE .
Essay Prompt : (500-750 words)
  • Describe two personal attributes that you possess that will make you a successful nurse.
  • Provide specific examples when you demonstrated each attribute.
  • Nursing requires providing care to patients with diverse situations and backgrounds. Why are you a good fit for nursing, and why should you be considered for admission to the Viterbo University Professional Nursing Sequence?
Upload your resumé in this section of the application. Complete instructions for the writing of the resumé can be found HERE.

 By submitting this form with the prompt provided at the bottom of this application, I am verifying that all information I have provided in this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.