International Online Application

This application is intended for use by international students seeking admission to Viterbo. United States citizens who have a social security number should use a standard application for admission form from this link.
Your on-line application is just a way to enter your information into our computer system.  Your admission will not be granted until after Viterbo University receives your complete original documents
1. Complete this page which is Part 1 of the Online International Application. Leave the question blank if it does not apply to you.
2. Once you submit this page, a link will allow you to continue to Part 2 and attach the below required documents. It can also be accessed later with this link Send Application Attachments  
  a. The original transcripts and diplomas from all the schools you have attended (including high schools and universities.)  If the transcripts and the diploma are not in English, have them translated to English and notarized.   
  b. TOEFL/IELTS/STEP EIKEN/SAT/ACT score report.  (If you do not have the score, or the score is low may be accepted into an English as a second language program first.)    
  c. Autobiographical essay. 
  d. Two reference letters from teachers you have had.
  e. An official bank statement with the balance converted into U.S. dollars.  If a company or an individual is your sponsor, have the company or the individual send an affidavit of support together with the company's assets report or the individual's bank statement.   
Your application will not be reviewed until we have received all of the above information from you.

Student Information

Legal Name
  First name (given name)  Middle name   Last name (surname) 
Mailing Address 
  City Province or state Postal code
  Country   Home phone
  Cell phone   Work phone
  Fax   Email
  Preferred method
of contact
  Gender                               Date of Birth   Month    

  City of Birth
  Country of Birth  
  Country of Citizenship  
  Citizen Status
   Immigrant Status
   Alien Registration Number  
  Marital status  
  Religious preference
  Ethnic background   
Race (Select one or more)

Major Field of Interest

   Field of Interest  
  I plan to enroll during .
Are you transferring from another university or college?
Residence Plans
Note: First-time traditional freshmen are required to live on campus (unless living with their parents) in a university owned residence. Non-traditional as well as transfer students are welcome to live on campus, but they are NOT required to do so. Viterbo DOES NOT provide assistance in securing off-campus housing.
  I plan to live

Secondary School (High school - usually ages 13-17)

  Address, city and country of secondary school

Year of graduation (YYYY)     Cumulative GPA 
ACT/SAT Composite Score   Other Examination Results 

Post Secondary Schools Attended (University or other post-secondary institution)
        Full Name of School             City/State/Country                                      Dates Attended          Degree Earned/Year


Co-Curricular Activities

Please check the activities you want to participate in while in college:

Varsity Athletics (NAIA Inter-Collegiate):

Background Questions:
  Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
    If yes to felony, provide explanation including approximate dates of each incident. 
  Do you have any criminal charges pending against you or have you ever been convicted of any crime in another country or any U.S. federal, state, local, military, or tribal court?
  Were you ever found to be delinquent (adjudicated) by a court of law on or after your tenth birthday for a crime or offense?
  Have you ever been discharged from the military for less than honorable reasons?
  Have you ever been suspended or expelled from any high school or post-secondary institution?
  Have you ever been involved in any activity that would prevent you from being admitted at any other high school, college, or university?
 Questions about your application? Contact us at  Viterbo University  
  Office of Global Education Phone: 608-796-3172
  900 Viterbo Drive Email:
  La Crosse, WI  54601 Fax: 608-796-3050

Signature and Date

Affidavit:  I understand that this application cannot be processed if it has not been completed according to the instructions or if payment is not received, and that any deliberate falsification or omission of data may result in denial of admission or dismissal.  All information submitted is true to the best of my knowledge.
  Student name    Date 


Viterbo University is committed to providing equal educational and employment opportunities regardless of sex, race, color, religion, age, national origin, or handicap in compliance with Title VI, Title IX and Section 504.